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Choose from an ever increasing number of training locations or book your coaching for fast and instinctive shooting on moving targets.


Book your qualification for the 4D World Cup when it suits you best. Experience the excitement! If you don't reach your desired score don't worry. Just try again.

The finale!

An event like no other! The finale is full of excitement, spectators and a 3-member celebrity jury as well as live entertainment. If you do not get yourself on stage in the finals, simply purchase some tickets and take a seat in the audience. Don't miss the first 4D World Cup finale.

Be quick!

Ticket sales are limited !

Participating athletes

Archers that finish in the top 20 in their category will be invited to participate in the final. Should they be unable to accept the invitation, the next best athlete in the overall score will be invited instead. Participation in the final is subject to certain conditions, which will be announced to the finalists at time of their invitation.

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Please request group reservation now.

Due to limited seating, there is only a small number of individual tickets sold. Visitor tickets for individual purchase are released on September 15, 2018.

Tickets for the finals

Ticket options .

Zone B (back)

  • Cheapest option available
  • Choose your own seat in zone B.

Zone B (front)

  • Choose your own seat in zone B.

Zone A (back)

  • Book your seat

Zone A (front)

  • Book your seat
The Finale!


The venue for the finals remains secret for now as we might have to find a bigger venue if ticket sales keep progressing well.

The evening event of the finals is schedulled take place on Saturday, 23 February 2019 from 7 to 9.30 pm.

Reserve tickets now!

Tickets are expected to sell out soon after ticket sales start.

Ticket sales start in ...

Tickets may be sold out within a few days or hours.

To receive a short e-mail reminder a few days prior to the ticket sale, just register here. We will make sure that you do not miss the 2019 4D World Cup.

Tickets for the finals