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Qualification Venue – Münster, Germany

Our official partner in northern Germany - Visit and participate!

Qualification Venue - Münster, Germany .

Our official partner in northern Germany.

Official venues take two special roles in the 4D Archery Cup.

Official qualification for the cup

Qualifications can be scheduled between you and the venue operator or happen during special qualification events offered by the venue. Get in touch and register for your first qualification. All contestants results will be entered into the overall competition schedule so you will be able to track your progress and position online. After completing you will also receive a certificate to prove your score and participation.

Authentic practice for the events

The official venus are also the best places to practice. Schedule a practice session directly with the venue and get into it. These venues carry all the certified hardware and their staff is trained to prepare you for the competitive environment.

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Münster, Germany

Contact us for casual training or for your official qualification round.