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ARMIN HIRMER of Malta Archery offers courses for fast shooting for 4D World Cup participants.

His inspirational and hands-on training videos have already found thousands of followers in social media. Now you can meet Armin and learn directly from him.

10 arrows in  30 seconds

Learn to shoot faster than anyone you know. 

The course focuses on the principles of fast loading and shooting. During the course there will be plenty of 1 on 1 time with Armin. You will learn several techniques for fast shooting to discover the once that best fit your style.

To receive the information and dates about the upcoming coaching sessions please register here.

Learn different schools (Western, Eastern), how to hold your bow and different ways to keep the arrows at hand. Learn about correct posture, breathing and, of course, rapid-nocking.

Towards the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to train what you have learned on moving targets. You will experience the biggest archery cinema in the world in full action. Projected moving targets will fly for you across the 12 x 2.5 meter 4D target. A unique experience you cannot find anywhere else.


Bring your own traditional bow or use the equipment provided by Armin.



You can now request the dates for the upcoming courses here. Be quick. Armin will only accept 6 to 10 archers per course.


5 hours

Armins Speed Archery tutorials on YouTube

Participant feedback

Online courses with Armin Hirmer

Course content

  • Safety, basics & getting started
  • Posture and movements
  • Holding arrows in the bowhand
  • Nocking correctly
  • Releasing
  • Training on moving goals
  • After completing the training, you can test what you have learned in an official qualification of the 4D World Cup.


Bonner Straße 312
50968 Cologne

Learn Speed Archery

Learn how to Thumb Release

Impressions of the last workshop

Online courses with Armin Hirmer