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Value for sponsors

Would your brand benefit from an image transfer or direct marketing opportunities?

The 4D World Cup is kicking off for the very first time in 2018. Early supporters have an opportunity to associate themselves with the event for many years to come.

Great exposure for your brand .

The 4D World Cup is a fast growing event that advertisers value. We deliver custom packages that suit every budget. Whether you are a small local business or a large international cooperation, the 4D World Cup might just be the advertising channel you have been looking for.

Why sponsoring a 4D event?

Experienced sponsors often look for opportunities where a small investment has the potential for extraordinary growth. If that describes your business, we may be the right partner.


What we offer

There are several theirs of sponsorship. Reach your customers on a local, regional, national or global level. Engagement offers will be custom made to suit your needs.


We guarantee

To take the time to understand your sponsoring goals. If your organization fits the concept of the 4D World Cup, we are sure that a partnership will be able to deliver long-term and sustainable success.

Image transfer or direct marketing?

Sponsors often seek a mix of different services that are tailored to support reaching the desired marketing goals. In consequence, there are no off-the-shelve products for our sponsors. Below some of the options we offer. For further information please request our sponsor manual.

The finals offer a great opportunity for sponsors who are interested to reach an audience on a national or international level. Packages offer banners and video messages and a great coverage in online media. In the first 12 months, we expect online media views in a low 7-digit range.

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Every month, new 4D training centers open across Europe. The majority use BowSim 4D technology and the official training videos also äüused in the 4D World Cup.

These businesses offer interesting opportunities to reach local audiences via video messages delivered through the technology as well as banners at the venues.

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We can display your banners at desired times of day only in your city or region or present it nationwide, in Europe or to the world. It is about delivering your information to the people that matter to your business. In addition, we offer your brand product exclusivity during the advertising relationship.

Our websites hold the most prominent positions at relevant searches online.

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4D archery is new, exciting and a revolution to all that has been. So it is no surprise that social media plays a big role here. The audience likes the new sport, which reminds of movie heroes and adventures. While still quite new, the number of views in our social media is skyrocketing. 5 channels with over 300 000 combined views are currently active.

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4D training


We work for you

Choosing the right sponsors will significantly influence the success of the 4D World Cup. If your brand fits in with our philosophy and our event meets the philosophy of your business, it might just be what it takes to build a long-standing partnership. I am curious how you imagine a successful partnership and what services we will provide for you in the future.

Harald Bettin - Sales & Marketing

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