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Why sponsors engage

A better brand image or more customers today?

What does your business need?

There are several reasons why brands align themselves with popular events. Reasons differ from smaller vs. larger companies and between companies that are in the same industry vs. the once from foreign industries. Here some research on why companies consider sponsoring a great investment.

What sponsor want

Here are some of the most common reasons why businesses sponsor.

To improve their brand image 0

To find new audiences 0

To increase customer loyalty 0

To increase direct sales 0

Improving the brand image

A positive brand image is key to long-term success. Companies that sponsor sporting events are transferring some of that image to their own brand.

The cups communicates the image of a modern, successful society that engages in sports and lives a healthy and competitive lifestyle.

Is this image one you want your customers to feel when they think of your brand? If so, sponsoring the 4D World Cup may be right for you.

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Finding new audiences

Companies are always looking for new customers in areas where few competitors are active.

The 4D World Cup has a positive image and is particularly media-effective through its unusual format. Spectators of the 4D World Cup are not only archers but sports enthusiasts from many other walks of life that follow the event online.

Companies meet new and old customers in a positive and fresh environment.

Archery in numbers (some estimates)

Archers in Germany
Archers in the UK

Increase direct sales

Some companies sponsor events to increase direct sales. This might be an option for you if you sell a product that is related to, instinctive archery, sports lifestyle or something similar that our audience relates to.

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